New Album with Pauline Pisano

I'm grateful to be producing and mixing the amazing Pauline Pisano's new album.  We've played and recorded together for years now, but this is the first time we're doing a full length album as artist and producer.  We've been tracking like crazy in my Brooklyn studio and have brought in some great musicians to play on the record.  Thad DeBrock(David Byrne, Rosanne Cash, etc..)  adds incredible tones and textures on guitar and everything Jesse Reagen-Mann(Adele, Beyonce, Kanye, etc..)  plays on cello is magic!  Once we finish tracking, I'll mix and have the mad scientist AJ Tissian( master it all.  Check out for more on Pauline....

Recent Gigs...

I've had a lot of fun playing for some amazing folks over the past few months.  I played Elsie Fest with the incredible Tituss Burgess(Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt) and lovely Julie James(Sirius/XM Radio Host), joined the amazing Montego Glover(Memphis, Les Miserables) for a NY Pops concert at 54 Below and got to play with an amazing band to back showbiz royalty Lucie Arnaz for a fundraiser in New Jersey.  

It's been such a joy to work with the artists and the fantastic MD's and players that accompany them.  I'm always grateful for these opportunities and can't wait to see what the fall brings...  

Gigantic: A New Musical

Psyched to be playing a great Off-Broadway show Called Gigantic.  Formerly known as "Fat Camp", this newest iteration is very funny and very current.  Great cast and a great band, supervised and orchestrated/arranged by Dominick Amendum with musical direction by Aaron Jodoin.  The show plays through Dec. 20th with a possible extension through Jan. 3rd.

Sheena Kuhn Video

Finishing up a final mix and video edit for Sheena Kuhn, a young artist whose lived more places all around the world by age 15 that most people will ever even visit in their lifetime!  She currently resides in Brooklyn, NY. 

We shot and recorded at the amazing Studio G with Francisco Botero engineering and Brandon York shooting video.  Justin Goldner expertly accompanied Sheena on acoustic guitar as well.  Stay tuned for the vid!    

Keith Middelton's "Transitions"

After Keith had a near death experience in a car crash while doing "Stomp" in Las Vegas, he decided to write produce an album of his songs.  This process has had many twists and turns along the way, but in the end he finished what he started and released "Transitions" at the beginning of this year.  I mixed 7 seven songs on the record, did a fair amount of editing and assisted with the general file management as well.   We performed together hundreds of time in the New York show as well as the tour and have always enjoyed playing together.  This was a chance to work on something unrelated to trash and brooms:)

you can check out his record here:

Michael R. Jackson's Dirty Laundry/Good Clean Music Album

I've been in the process of producing a full length album for composer Michael R. Jackson that will have 16 or 17 songs when it's all said and done.  I'm also mixing the record and played all drums and percussion on the tracks.  There are some great performances by singers, instrumentalists, Michael himself, etc….

6 songs will be released as an EP in the spring and the full album will be available by the summer.

To learn more at Michael, visit: